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OpenAI delays rollout of controversial ‘voice mode’ 

MagicSchool Embraces AI for Education

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  • ID Verification Service for TikTok, Uber, X Exposed Driver Licenses (404 Media).

  • Reddit is fighting hard against AI data scraping (The Verge).

  • Voice actors sue AI company over voice cloning without permission (CBS).

  • Kathmandu is making taxi drivers switch to EVs. Not all drivers can afford one (Rest of World).

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OpenAI delays rollout of controversial ‘voice mode’ 

Source: Unsplash

Last month, OpenAI launched GPT-4o, a multi-modal evolution of GPT-4 that CEO Sam Altman called the “best model in the world.” A component of the demo was a new feature called “voice mode,” which would allow users to interact vocally with the model. 

Voice Mode was supposed to begin its gradual rollout in June, but OpenAI said Tuesday that it is delaying the launch of the feature to next month instead. 

The details: OpenAI said that it needs more time to reach its “high safety and reliability bar.”

  • Part of the improvements it still has to make to the system revolve around the model’s “ability to detect and refuse certain content.”

  • “We’re also working on improving the user experience and preparing our infrastructure to scale to millions while maintaining real-time responses,” the company said. 

OpenAI expects Voice Mode to roll out to Plus users sometime in the Fall. 

A cautious step around the backlash: The voice that was on display during the demo sounded remarkably similar to Scarlett Johansson, a connection that Altman emphasized with references to the movie Her, in which Johansson voiced an AI. 

  • After the demo, Johansson released a statement saying that Altman had asked her to voice the model a year ago, and she refused. He then asked her again two days before the demo, and went ahead with it before receiving a response. 

Upon a request from her lawyers to detail the process behind the voice’s creation, OpenAI took it down, though it has maintained that the similarity is purely coincidental. 

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MagicSchool Embraces AI for Education

MagicSchool AI, a Denver-based edtech startup, aims to integrate generative AI in classrooms, enhancing both teaching and learning. With $15 million in Series A funding led by Bain Capital Ventures, MagicSchool focuses on creating AI tools for educators and students.

Founded by former teacher Adeel Khan, the platform offers lesson planning, test creation, and personalized learning materials. Despite initial resistance, the company now serves 4,000 teachers and schools.

While AI’s role in education sparks debate, MagicSchool emphasizes the need to prepare students for an AI-driven future, balancing AI’s efficiency with human oversight to ensure effective learning.

ChatGPT use case 🤝 

AI for Report Generation

How It Works:

ChatGPT generates comprehensive reports by analyzing provided data and synthesizing information into coherent summaries. Users input data sets or specific topics, and ChatGPT produces structured reports complete with insights, visualizations, and key takeaways.

Why Use It:

This tool streamlines the report creation process, saving time and ensuring consistency. Ideal for business professionals, researchers, and students, it enhances productivity by delivering polished reports ready for presentation or publication.

Prompt Example:

Generate a report on [Data Topic] using the provided data. Include sections on [Specific Aspects], highlight key findings, and provide visualizations such as charts or graphs. Ensure the report is structured clearly and the tone is [Formal/Informative] for [Target Audience].

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