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OpenAI makes a nine-figure stock deal

🛠️ Apple and Meta: New AI Partnership in the Works

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  • AI Doesn’t Kill Jobs? Tell That to Freelancers (WSJ). 

  • Apple Intelligence won’t launch in EU in 2024 due to antitrust regulation (CNBC). 

  • Licensing firm says that multiple AI companies are bypassing web standard to scrape publisher sites (Reuters). 

  • The Gates Foundation backs an AI wildcard (Semafor). 

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OpenAI makes a nine-figure stock deal

Source: Bloomberg

OpenAI — which was last valued at $86 billion — last week completed a sizeable acquisition of Rockset, a search and database analytics startup. 

The details: Rockset, which builds real-time search and analytics databases, has raised a total of $105 million. 

  • Neither company commented on the financial details of the deal, though Reuters reported that OpenAI used its shares to acquire Rockset in a roughly nine-figure stock deal that valued the startup at several hundred million dollars. 

  • OpenAI didn’t respond to a request for comment. 

What it means: OpenAI said that Rockset’s tech will be integrated across its products to enhance its retrieval infrastructure. 

  • The move comes as OpenAI has been pitching an enterprise version of ChatGPT to corporations; OpenAI COO Brad Lightcap said that the coming integration will empower “companies to transform their data into actionable intelligence.”

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🛠️ Apple and Meta: New AI Partnership in the Works

Apple is reportedly in talks with Meta to integrate AI technology into its products, following its partnership with OpenAI to incorporate ChatGPT into Siri.

This potential deal aims to diversify Apple's AI collaborations and enhance its technological offerings without financial transactions, as AI partners can sell premium subscriptions through Apple's distribution.

Despite concerns from competitors like Elon Musk and regulatory challenges in the EU, Apple plans to roll out Apple Intelligence in upcoming OS versions, emphasizing practical AI features to drive adoption while ensuring user privacy.

ChatGPT use case 🤝 

AI for Content Editing

How It Works:

ChatGPT assists in editing content by providing grammar and style suggestions, rephrasing sentences for clarity, and ensuring overall coherence. Input your draft, and it refines the text to improve readability and professionalism.

Why Use It:

This tool boosts efficiency by streamlining the editing process, helping you produce polished and engaging content. It's perfect for writers, editors, and anyone looking to enhance their written communication without the need for extensive manual revisions.

Prompt Example:

Edit the following content: [Insert Text]. Focus on improving [specific areas: grammar, style, clarity]. Ensure the tone is [Formal/Informal] and suitable for [Intended Audience/Platform].

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