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  • Amazon is cooking up a new ChatGPT competitor 

Amazon is cooking up a new ChatGPT competitor 

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Amazon is cooking up a new ChatGPT competitor 

🎵 AI Music Startups Face Lawsuits Over Copyright Infringement

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  • Want to adopt GenAI for software development but don’t know where to start? This buyer's guide helps engineering leaders cut through the noise*

  • MTV News website goes dark; a year after shutting down, the site’s archives have been shuttered (Variety).

  • 404 Media paid a freelancer to create a news site with AI, loaded up with plagiarized content in an experiment to prove how easy it is (404 Media).

  • College dropouts raise $120 million to take on Nvidia’s AI chips (CNBC).

  • Microsoft hit with an EU antitrust charge over Teams app (Reuters).

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Amazon is cooking up a new ChatGPT competitor 

Massive online retailer and Big Tech giant Amazon has decided that there are not enough generative AI chatbots on the market. The company, according to BI, has been secretly working on a genAI chatbot designed to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. 

  • Fun fact: Amazon started as an online bookseller. I guess in an alternate timeline, Barnes & Noble rules over a tech empire in its stead. 

The details: BI, citing internal documents and anonymous sources, reported that the model — codenamed “Metis” — would conversationally provide text and image answers, while also providing source links, suggesting follow-ups and generating images. 

  • Amazon also wants the model to function autonomously as an agent, for example, “turning on your lights and booking a flight for you.”

  • Amazon is targeting a tentative launch of September, around the same time it is introducing a line-up of new LLM features to its Alexa voice assistant. 

Amazon declined to provide comment on the report, saying it doesn’t comment on “rumor.” 

  • It is worth noting that as more companies strive to play LLM catch-up, the datacenters that power them are consuming a steadily growing amount of energy. 

"Technically it will work, I guess, but the question is if it's already too late," a source told BI.

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🤖 AI Chatbot Sonia: Revolutionizing Therapy or Just Filling Gaps?

Sonia, a startup founded by Dustin Klebe, Lukas Wolf, and Chris Aeberli, offers an AI chatbot designed to provide mental health support via an iOS app.

Leveraging generative AI and techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy, Sonia assists users with issues like depression, anxiety, and stress for $20 per month.

Despite positive reviews, Sonia’s efficacy and ethical considerations remain debated. Critics highlight the lack of psychological backgrounds among its founders and potential biases in AI responses.

Sonia aims to fill the mental health service gap, not replace human therapists, by offering an accessible alternative for those unable to afford or access traditional therapy.

ChatGPT use case 🤝 

AI for Data Analysis and Insights

How It Works:

ChatGPT assists in data analysis by interpreting complex datasets and generating insightful summaries. By inputting raw data or specific queries, it provides clear explanations, trends, and actionable recommendations, tailored to your business needs.

Why Use It:

This tool streamlines the data analysis process, offering quick and accurate insights without the need for advanced statistical knowledge. Ideal for business analysts, managers, and researchers, it enhances decision-making and strategic planning with ease.

Prompt Example:

Analyze this data [Insert raw data] for [Time Period] and identify key trends. Provide insights on [Specific Metrics], such as growth areas and declining segments. Summarize findings in a clear, concise manner, highlighting actionable recommendations for improving [Aspect of Business].

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