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🎧 Mixhalo Brings Real-Time AI Translations to Events

🎵 AI Music Startups Face Lawsuits Over Copyright Infringement

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  • Want to adopt GenAI for software development but don’t know where to start? This buyer's guide helps engineering leaders cut through the noise*

  • How small claims court took the place of Meta’s customer service department (Engadget).

  • EU charges Apple with violating bloc rules on Big Tech (Semafor).

  • UN chief tells consumer tech firms: own the harm your products cause (Reuters).

  • OpenAI will allow current and former employees to participate in annual tender offers (CNBC).

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Together with Paragon

Good prompts and fine-tuning aren’t enough if you’re building an AI SaaS application/feature.

It’s best to feed the LLM customer-specific context.

But this context lives across the dozens of apps and hundreds of files your customers use - in their emails, call transcripts, Slack conversations, internal knowledge documents, CRM data…the list goes on.

So to get access to this data, your team will need to build dozens, if not hundreds, of integrations.

But integrations shouldn’t be your core competency - that’s why AI21,, Tavus, Writesonic and other leading AI companies use Paragon to ship integrations for their products with 70% less engineering.

A few key highlights:

  • Managed authentication for all integrations

  • 3rd party webhook triggers

  • Serverless ingestion infrastructure with robust error handling and observability

  • 100+ connectors and a custom connector builder

🎧 Mixhalo Brings Real-Time AI Translations to Events

Mixhalo has launched Mixhalo Translate, an AI-driven feature providing real-time audio translations at live events.

This new offering pairs Mixhalo’s ultra-low latency streaming with AI-generated translations, enhancing accessibility at conferences.

CEO John Vars highlighted the outdated nature of current interpretation methods, emphasizing the advancements in AI translation technology. Attendees can access translations in 50 languages via a smartphone app. While the AI partner remains undisclosed, the technology promises significant improvements in conference communication.

Mixhalo, originally unveiled at TechCrunch Disrupt, has also been used at major sports events to ensure high-quality audio for all attendees.

Together with Astronomer 

Discover essential Apache Airflow recipes to kickstart your Generative AI projects.

Check out the top six reference architectures to help get you started. Get the cookbook

🎵 AI Music Startups Face Lawsuits Over Copyright Infringement

Major music labels are suing AI music startups Suno and Udio for copyright infringement, alleging that the companies' AI-generated songs closely mimic human artists. Listen below 👇️ 

The lawsuits include examples of AI songs that strikingly resemble the work of popular musicians, highlighting the tension between AI innovation and copyright laws in the music industry.

This legal battle underscores the growing concerns about AI's impact on intellectual property and the rights of original artists.

ChatGPT use case 🤝 

AI for Social Media Content Creation

How It Works:

ChatGPT helps create engaging social media content by generating catchy captions, hashtags, and post ideas tailored to your brand voice. Provide key themes and desired tone, and it crafts compelling posts designed to captivate your audience.

Why Use It:

This tool enhances your social media strategy by automating content creation, ensuring consistency and creativity in your posts. Ideal for marketers, influencers, and businesses, it saves time and boosts online presence with minimal effort.

Prompt Example:

Create a social media post for [Platform] promoting [Product/Event], focusing on [Key Themes]. Include relevant hashtags and ensure the tone is [Casual/Professional/Fun] to resonate with [Target Audience].

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