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The truth about scaling laws

In a recent interview, Dario Amodei — the CEO of Anthropic — said that he believes artificial general intelligence is one to three years away. He believes that catastrophic AI risk could be one to three years away, as well. Coincidence? I think not.  

  • The basis for this belief has to do with his impression that “like a human child learning and developing, (AI is) getting better and better.”

Aside from the fact that AI models do not learn like human children, what Amodei is essentially talking about is scaling laws. But this view that language models will keep getting better and better until we reach AGI “rests on a series of myths and misconceptions,” computer science professor Dr. Arvind Narayanan and Ph.D candidate Sayash Kapoor argued in a recent post

The details: Scaling laws show that as model size increases, they do get “better.” But Narayanan and Kapoor said that scaling laws only “quantify the decrease in perplexity” — essentially, how well a model predicts the next word. They do not, however, quantify any emergent capabilities of that model.  

  • They added that there is no evidence that the increase of these emergent capabilities alongside model size will continue indefinitely

  • “If LLMs can't do much beyond what's seen in training, at some point, having more data no longer helps because all the tasks that are ever going to be represented in it are already represented,” they said. “Every traditional machine learning model eventually plateaus; maybe LLMs are no different.”

The timing of that plateau, they said, is just going to be hard to predict. 

Amodei recently told Time that it would be “good for the world” if the effects of scaling laws stopped, as it would “restrain everyone at the same time.” 

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AI-Powered Scams and How to Combat Them

AI's advancements have led to its use in both helpful and harmful ways. Here's how scammers are exploiting AI and what you can do to stay safe:

Voice Cloning of Loved Ones

  • Threat: Scammers use AI to create convincing fake voices of friends or relatives in distress.

  • Defense: Treat messages from unknown numbers as suspicious. Verify by contacting the person directly.

Personalized Phishing Emails

  • Threat: AI crafts believable phishing emails using your personal data.

  • Defense: Be vigilant. Avoid clicking on links or attachments unless you're certain of the sender's authenticity.

Identity Fraud

  • Threat: AI generates fake personas that can bypass traditional verification methods.

  • Defense: Use multi-factor authentication and monitor account activity for suspicious logins.

AI-Generated Deepfakes for Blackmail

  • Threat: Scammers create fake intimate images for extortion.

  • Defense: Report to authorities. Distinguishing marks and legal measures can help combat this threat.

For more detailed information and tips on how to protect yourself, check out the full article by TechCrunch here.

ChatGPT use case 🤝 

AI for Sales Script Improvement

How It Works:

ChatGPT enhances sales scripts by analyzing existing conversations and generating optimized dialogues. Users input current scripts or sales objectives, and ChatGPT crafts engaging and persuasive dialogues tailored to target audiences, ensuring high conversion rates.

Why Use It:

This tool refines your sales approach, making scripts more effective and tailored to specific customer needs. Perfect for sales teams, marketing professionals, and business owners, it boosts productivity and success rates by providing compelling scripts ready for deployment.

Prompt Example:

Improve this [insert script] sales script for [Product/Service]. Focus on [Key Selling Points], address common customer objections, and incorporate persuasive language to drive conversions. Ensure the script is engaging and the tone is [Professional/Conversational] for [Target Audience].

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