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Proton launches a privacy-focused Google Docs alternative

OpenAI Breach: A Stark Reminder of AI Firms' Hacker Appeal

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  • Researchers say crypto hacking thefts doubled to $1.4 billion in 2024 so far (Reuters).

  • Fear and longing in Sun Valley (The Information).

  • Cohere CEO says GenAI will bring more profit to companies (CNBC).

  • Kenyan protestors are using AI in their anti-government fight (Semafor).

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Proton launches a privacy-focused Google Docs alternative

Proton — the tech company building an ever-lengthening list of cloud products with built-in data security — on Wednesday launched Proton Docs in a direct challenge to Google. 

It looks and operates much the same as a Google Doc: white background, live collaborative editing, text options, multimedia capabilities, etc. It’s just built with security in mind. 

  • Proton said that every file, photo, document, keystroke and cursor movement is end-to-end encrypted in real time. 

  • Proton said even the company itself doesn’t have access to user files. The company additionally stores its data in Switzerland where it is protected by strict privacy laws.

Proton said that Docs provides a way for users to get out from under Big Tech surveillance, which might be used to train AI products without user consent. 

Zoom Out: Google has said that it does not train its AI models on user data in Drive. Google’s privacy policy further states that it does not use Drive content for advertising purposes. 

Google Drive is also protected by a strong layer of encryption — the risk, though, is that Google retains encryption keysfor all its files, meaning a successful hack could expose data stored in Drive. 

  • The launch comes as users are beginning to look more intensely for alternatives to the Big Tech platforms that have gained the habitual use of billions over the past 20 years. Changes to Meta’s privacy policy have sent millions of artists to Cara, a secure alternative; after updates to its privacy policy, Adobe users began to call for alternatives as well. 

“Far too often, online productivity suites require you to accept surveillance as a condition of use,” Proton said. “Docs is a milestone in our journey to building a better internet where privacy is the default … so you can break away from Big Tech services that exploit your data.”

OpenAI Breach: A Stark Reminder of AI Firms' Hacker Appeal

The recent breach of OpenAI’s systems, though minor, underscores the growing allure of AI companies for hackers.

The hack was limited to an employee discussion forum, sparing sensitive data like internal systems and model information.

Nevertheless, the incident highlights the immense value of AI companies' data assets, including high-quality training datasets, vast user interaction logs, and critical customer data.

These companies, holding significant amounts of valuable information, become prime targets for cyber-attacks.

Despite robust security measures, the persistent threat from malicious actors remains a concern, emphasizing the need for vigilant security practices in the AI industry.

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